Birthing Creation for Visionary Women 

Self Study Online Course

  • Imagine belonging to a community devoted to helping you birth your unique creative expression. 
  • Imagine having the space and support to explore what is and isn't working in your life. 
  • Imagine developing the tools and techniques to create time for your priorities. 
  • Imagine having fierce allies who will hold you accountable to staying authentically connected to your vision for your life.  

You will find all of this and more in the course, all designed to help you become unstuck and begin a new chapter of your life, one where you are making money doing your soul work.  

Module #1: Going to the Dark: In this module, we will be exploring your limiting beliefs. We will be looking, specifically at your astrology chart and the stories you tell yourself about why you can or cannot do something.your story.  

Module #2: What is your light: In this module, we will look at your gifts and how you can embrace them to find more joy and ease in your everyday life and tasks. We will be taking a look at your astrological chart and story within this course, as well.  

Moduel #3: Finding Your Creative Project: In this module, you will discover the creative project that is ready to be revealed. Here, you will start to paint the picture of what it looks like, smells like and even tastes like. If you uncover multiple passion projects, this course will help you gain clarity on where you should focus your attention first.  

Within the Birthing Creation course, you will discover how to create the time to honor yourself and your creative pursuits while still meeting the needs of your family. This community of inspired women will help you integrate your experience of parenting, feminine energy and spirituality.  

Students within will receive worksheets and suggested readings to help facilitate creativity and energy-management. You also have an option to add an one-on-one phone session with me to support your journey and help you connect to your deep well of resources within.  

Includes: Supportive worksheets and readings  

Investment: $ 97 Birthing Creation Course Only. $197 Birthing Creation Course + 1 One-on-One Call with Martina Lin